Andy’s Ideas For Slimming Down

Hi my name is Andy I have some tips for you on how to stay fit and lose weight.

My name is Andy and that’s why this website is named after me …because I know a lot about apple cider vinegar and your metabolism and weight loss.

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Pushups and situps might be fun for you but I personally think losing weight entails everyone having their own personal trampoline – that you keep with you at all times.

Everyone needs to learn about the benefits of trampoline life.

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Am I the first to come up with this idea? Trampoline sessions for health? Was it my idea? No. Probably not.

I heard it from an Amway dude by the name of Trevor in 1993…But he probably heard it from other Amway people. That’s how their network marketing works. I think they also sold small personal trampolines. I wonder how much money he made from them…

Bouncing up and/or down on a trampoline or anything that is shaped like a trampoline is just plain useful because the trampoline provides oxygen to every organ in the human body. The HUMAN body.

if you want to provide oxygen into your pancreas you should hop on your trampoline and jump up and down on it immediately.

Climb on to a trampoline and get some of the bounce you up and down until you feel your health returning.

Not expensive. you can get to self a small personal trampoline for under $40,000

Or an expensive trampoline that begins at $42,000.

Between that space of those two different price brackets you can save a lot of money. That’s $2,000 you can save and you can put it towards a BMW or Half a Rolls Royce.

The best thing about trampolines is that nobody has to know that you own one because you keep it in your backyard… so nobody will ever know that you are on a trampoline. They’ll just think you’re very tall.

That way all your friends won’t constantly badger you about how they want to come over on the weekend and bounce up and down on your trampoline – and you can say ” I’m sorry I don’t have a trampoline and by the way you are now also banned from my backyard”¬† so they will never know that you have a trampoline.

I have a trampoline, and the fantastic thing about all of these things is that a trampoline will magnify your current health regime. So if you’re doing push ups get on the trampoline and do the pushups on it…same thing with sit-ups – get on the trampoline and do them. Same thing for somersaults¬† – don’t do them in church – do them on your tramp.

You don’t have to go to a gym if you have a trampoline – you also don’t have to go to the gym if you DO own a trampoline.

Everything you could have at a gym is now going to be provided to you by that large bouncy square in your backyard. Can you do a somersault at the gym? I don’t think so.

Can you do a somersault on a trampoline? Yes. Easily.

Is there a danger of going through the trampoline if you are too fat or too chubby? Maybe.

If you have too much weight on you should immediately get to a hospital and have a liposuction operation where they remove all the fat from you in a number of minutes, and after just $80,000 you will leave the hospital a new and thinner better person.

You will be so thin but it’s probably even better than gastric band surgery where they put a belt around your stomach so that you can’t hold as much food.

Very clever. Fooling our body into thinking we’re full because the doctors know how to get creative with duct tape.

Who would have thought that some cheap tape from a hardware store is going to make you now feel and look incredible. You are going to be so thin that African countries are going to be jealous of you.